About Us

It all started when I became pregnant with my first daughter in 2018. I had an image in my mind of how a mother looks in her pajamas: graceful, put-together, confident. But that's not how I felt in my old college T-shirt. I set out to find sleepwear that was both comfortable and flattering, yet it was surprisingly difficult to find good quality pajamas at a reasonable price point. So I started Sonia. Having served as a mentor of young women for most of my life, I wanted Sonia to embody a greater purpose and lift women up. In fact, Sonia means "dream" in Italian. 

Sonia makes buttery soft, all-natural women’s sleepwear that looks and feels amazing. Our mission is to help all women feel comfortable and confident, so for every purchase, we donate to support young women in need. 

Lauren Scrima, Founder and CEO