What does Sonia mean?

The name Sonia was inspired by the Italian “sogna” which means “dream”. Sonia’s mission is to help women and girls feel comfortable and confident.

What are Sonia pajamas made of?

We use 100% Pima cotton made locally in Los Angeles. Pima cotton is some of the most comfortable and breathable fabric available.

What size should I buy?

Sonia pajamas are true to size. If you prefer a roomier fit, order one size up.

How should I clean my Sonia pajamas?

For the most long-lasting results, Sonia pajamas should be cleaned infrequently. When they do need to be cleaned, wash cold with similar colors and hang dry.

Will my Sonia pajamas shrink?

There may be some shrinkage if pajamas are washed in warm/hot water and/or machine dried.

When will more colors and styles be available?

We have several more colors and styles in our development pipeline and hope to start releasing them in 2022. Sign up for our newsletter to get all the latest updates!



Do I have to pay for shipping?

Nope! It’s free for any Sonia order.

How long does shipping take?

We ship via USPS Ground so shipments should arrive in 2-8 business days. If you do not receive your shipment after 8 business days, please contact our customer service team at help@soniapajamas.com.

Do you offer international shipping?

Not at this time but we hope to be able to in the future.

Do you use sustainable packaging?

Yes! Our packaging materials are made from recycled paper and can be recycled after use. 

How can I make a return or exchange?

Write to our customer service team at help@soniapajamas.com with your order number and the item(s) you’d like to return or exchange. Please note that we can only issue returns/exchanges for unworn items with the tags still on. We’ll send you a prepaid shipping label to send your item(s) back to us. Once we receive your items, refunds take 5-10 days to process.



Which nonprofit organizations does Sonia support?

Sonia launched with a nonprofit beneficiary that aligns closely with our mission to support women and girls in need: Step Up. Visit our Give page to learn more about this incredible organization.

How much does Sonia donate to nonprofit organizations?

Sonia donates 10% of our gross profits. We make donations on a recurring monthly basis. 

What type of work do the donations support?

Our donations support the areas our partner needs the most help in - it’s up to our partner to decide what that is for them. Examples of how our funding is applied at Step Up include programming and mentorship for high school girls.

Does Sonia donate pajamas too?

That’s our ambition! We look for opportunities to donate pajamas for specific events like back-to-school or the holidays.

How can I get involved in these organizations?

We’re so glad you asked! To mentor with Step Up, visit suwn.org.



What is the best way to contact Sonia?

You can email our customer service team anytime at help@soniapajamas.com about anything.

How can I give feedback?

We’re always looking to hear from you so we can improve! We encourage reviews directly on our website or you can also send private feedback - please contact our customer service team directly at help@soniapajamas.com.